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Here are some EPL club/player nicknames they use in Korea

Nov 19, 2015 09:35

"Commonly referred to as Lotto or Lottopool (lotto = lottery). Refers to how random their match results are. Whenever Liverpool wins people say "They won the lottery lololol" Also known as Robinhood, for they steal 3 points from the rich and donate it to the poor.

Gerrard serves as the captain of Lotto with his powerful yet not-so-accurate long range cannons.

Arsenal - Gae-senal. Gae means dog. ManU is very popular in Korea so clubs that get in ManU's way are vilified. Other nicknames include 'kindergarten' and 'FC Hospital'.

Wenger is often portrayed as a pedo for how he treats youths/young talents.

Fabregas was known as "Hydra" for a while because of the whole spitting thing (hydralisk's attack motion in sc1 makes them look like they're spitting, hence the nickname). Then he was known as "the young man of the house" because Arsenal relied on him so much. The title has since been passed onto RVP.

RVP is known as Season Van Persie. Van means 'half' in Korean, and RVP would spend half a season in injury as proud member of Hospital FC, hence the nickname.

Walcott is "EPL's running King". Its just to make fun of how he runs so fast (and doesnt really do much else).

Chamakh's own name serves as nickname because the slang term "Suh Makh" refers to terrible starcraft players and it sounds pretty similar to his name. There was a funny macro, an image of Flash (currently best starcraft player in Korea) with the words "Please score one point you fucking Suh Makhs" referring to how his teammates couldn't get one win in a team match. Soccer fans conveniently changed it to "Please score one point you fucking Chamakh".

Korean striker Park Joo Young is made fun of ALL THE TIME. He is known as Bob Jwuh Young which is his name twisted to sound like "feed me food" because it is believed that he is an elitist target striker with no skill to actually create chances. He is also simply referred to as "Gaedok", a negative slang for Christians.

Chealsea - Donsea. Don means money. You get the idea.

Drogba is known as Drog Shin, and shin means God. Top class players usually get -shin or -nuneam (pretty much same thing as -shin) attached at the end of their name. After his recent dive he is also known as Du-Kkakkoong, kkakkoong meaning peek-a-boo (Busquets was Bu-Kkakkoong, and now Drogba inherited the nickname)

Torres is known as Torreki, as -reki is what they attach at the end of players who play like garbage (comes from word tsureki meaning trash). Whenever Torreki scores people joke about Liverpool and lottery.

Shevchenko used to be known as "Striker without a weakness". He is now known as "Striker without a goal".

John Terry and Ashley (Gae-shley to Gunners) Cole were part of the infamous "Black Tri-star of adultery" but nobody remembers that anymore because of certain Welsh player.

Lampard is known as Lam-Banjang or "Class Representative Lam" because people still kind of think of him as the captain.

Essien is known as "Sexxien" after certain photo of him taking another player's uniform off became famous (can't find the said photo).

Man City - Currently known as Don City. Man City's owner is referred to as the Real Boo (Real Rich), as opposed to Chealsea's owner. They say "Roman plays Football Manager while Mansour plays Sim City".

Ex-MCity striker Robinho is widely known as "Choding", a slang for elementary school students. It used to be because of his babyface, but now it also refers to his mental state.

Hargreaves used to be known simply as 'Glass body' but they now stopped recognizing his existence. Whatever number he gets is known to have become retired because you won't get to see that number in play.

Leeds - The term "Leeds time" became more famous than Leeds the club itself. When Park Ji Sung started playing at ManU, a Korean soccer hipster ("I was watching EPL before Park played in it" Yes, these people say that) famously said "Allan Smith was amazing when he was at Leeds but not so much at ManU, it hurts my heart as a Leeds fan". Since then "Leeds time" refers to someone's prime, like "GnR's Leeds time was when Illusions came out".

Another famous quite from soccer snobs include "Joaquin (Sanchez) is still the best winger in the world" (in a thread talking about how C. Ronaldo is killing everything)

ManU - SsipU, ssip means fuck. Also known as VolU, as some elitist ManU fans complained on forums saying "Please refer to our club using its full name, Manchester United, not ManU", causing others to say "Ooooo scary, we can't even say their name LOL". Hence the name Voldemort United.

Park Ji Sung is a household name and holds many nicknames, such as "three hearts" for athleticism, "captain Park" for being captain of Korean national team, "Ben Ch Sung" and "Jjuree Park" (jjuree is slang for unpopular entertainers). Koreans are still undecided on whether Park is a solid member of ManU or shirt seller.

Rooney is Baek Dwae Gee, a white pig.

Berba is Baek Jak or count, for his style has grace. However lately he is being criticized for his inconsistency, and people talk about how he gathers energy for Spirit Bomb (DBZ reference) and only uses it against weak opponents. He is still gathering the spirit bomb... ...and there it is!

Fletcher is known as a Slave Hunter (person who captures runaway slaves, name/subject matter of a popular Korean TV show) because he chases the goal scorer and breaks their back with the dedication comparable to that of a slave hunter. He used to be Dark TemFletcher for having no presence, but hes gotten better.

Vidic is Byuckdic, and byuck means a wall, hence a positive nickname.

Ryan Giggs is the real legend of this team, although the meaning behind "legend" changed drastically in recent months."

- Reddit user AnWrootbeer

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