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Nov 19, 2015 09:58
Here are some hilarious football facts which might be unaware of...
Nov 19, 2015 09:57
Here are some unknown football facts you might like. ..
Nov 19, 2015 09:35
Some EPL club/player nicknames they use in Korea..
Nov 21, 2014 18:10
David Luiz pulls a prank on Di Maria ..
Nov 20, 2014 03:04
?the only nation in the world that call 'football' as soccer. With that pun intended, lets now move on to the best goalkeeper in the world! Don't Believe us? Watch this video and you yourself will call Scott Sterling a legend! But yes, this guy plays soccer and not 'football'. Because 'Murica. ..
Real-and-Fake-Ronaldo (1)
Oct 09, 2014 02:04
Cristiano Ronaldo Parody by Joe Weller : Ronaldo Picking up girls..
ashlep cole memes
Aug 04, 2014 13:29
Ashley Cole has become the latest meme victim after the Roma team photo showed he hasn’t quite bonded with his team just yet...
undefined (6)
Jul 25, 2014 13:46
If there is one thing that football starts create a buzz about away from the field - it has to be the wacky hairstyles and style statements. Check out most weird hair do's of football stars..
world cup streaker (1)
Jul 22, 2014 04:16
Here's a super compilation of Football's craziest field crashers !..
own goals-001
Jul 22, 2014 03:55
Check out this compilation of the funniest own goals of all time. #2 is hilarious to death !..
IMG-20140715-WA0013 (1)
Jul 17, 2014 11:18
Check out your favorite stars and their lookalikes..
world cup streaker
Jul 15, 2014 00:47
FIFA might not release footage of streakers due to it policy - but our man LeBron James gets this one for us..
Jul 13, 2014 23:19
Check out some of the most creative memes from the World Cup 2014..
argentina fans
Jul 13, 2014 22:50
“Brazil, tell me how you like it Having your Daddy here at home I swear all these years later We’re never going to forget That Diego slipped it by And Cani banged it home You’ve been crying since Italy Messi with no fuss Will bring the cup to us Maradona’s greater than Pele.”..
Fullscreen capture 7132014 31004 AM
Jul 13, 2014 13:37
Hottest, Craziest, Wackiest fans of the World Cup 2014..
Jul 11, 2014 00:27
Axelle Despiegelaere - 17 year old Belgian fac who was shown on television during the belgium vs Russia group stage game - now has a modelling contract from L’Oreal ..
Fullscreen capture 732014 10257 AM
Jul 03, 2014 11:33
Check out the lighter side of the game. ..
muller falls
Jul 01, 2014 03:46
Muller falls and no one knows whos gonna kick it..
fan ochoa
Jun 30, 2014 22:01
One desperate Ajaccio fan has listed his entire house and all its contents (including his wife and children) on a French auction website in order to raise enough cash to keep Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa at the Corsican club next season...
lingeire world cup (1)
Jun 30, 2014 20:45
Meanwhile - the equally important world cup is won by netherlands..
Jun 29, 2014 03:15
#BRA vs CHI..
Jun 26, 2014 02:46
Messi, Neymar and British Airways doing their own thing..
Fullscreen capture 6252014 75458 AM
Jun 25, 2014 08:06
Evander Holyfield who took a chunk off his opponents ear during a fight expresses his views about Suarez' bite today..
Fullscreen capture 6242014 121910 PM (1)
Jun 24, 2014 22:58
Delhietes comment on India's chance to win the FIFA World Cup 2014.....
Jun 24, 2014 17:38
Dempsey celebrates hand of God anniversary in his own way
Jun 23, 2014 08:29
hand of god and ____ of God..
Suarez Gerrard Andaz Apna Apna
Jun 20, 2014 12:43
Uruguay vs England match perfectly summed up in one vine..
Roy Hodgson Suarez
Jun 20, 2014 11:31
QUOTE: Roy Hodgson: "Luis Suarez is not yet a world-class player" - (16th June 2014). ..
Suarez accuses ngland ahead of game
Jun 19, 2014 22:00
Luis Suarez was fuming with wrath as he thinks England used Under the Pants tactics to undermine him for the game..
Jun 19, 2014 08:39
Why spain are out of the world cup..
Jun 19, 2014 02:07
Spain get knocked out of World Cup 2014..
Jun 19, 2014 00:28
Casillas's feelings if Chile scores today..
Robben Relieved
Jun 19, 2014 00:02
Netherlands survive Aussie threat and come on top 3-2 in the end..
funn2 (1)
Jun 18, 2014 16:16
wonder save..
Jun 18, 2014 15:17
Man of the Match..
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Louis van Gaal: Manchester United sack manager
Keylor Navas has the best goals/match ratio of the last 20 seasons at Real Madrid
Will Hughes makes his first Derby start since the opening day of the season.
After 20 games, Zidane's 80% win percentage is higher than any of Real Madrid's previous managers.
After 20 games, Zidane's 80% win percentage is higher than any of Real Madrid's previous managers.
Chinese Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Australian Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Swedish Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Juventus coach Allegri has ended Chelsea Rumors by stating he will be wil Juventus Next season
"I'm asking Roma to do the 'impossible' against Real" - Spalletti
Sweden Women's team defeated Switzerland's team 1 - 0 in the second match of the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
Norway Women's team defeated Netherlands Women's team 4 - 1 in the second match of the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
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Netherlands Women's team defeated Switzerland's team 4 - 3 in the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
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