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Did you know that Poland scored 33 goals in the qualifiers? or that they managed to defeat Germany during the qualifying matches, a feat they achieved after a gap of 29 years! Here are 5 things you should know about Russia before Euros 2016:
Did you know that Russia scored 21 goals in the Qualifiers? Or that they conceded just 5 goals in the entire tournament. Here are 5 things you should know about Russia before Euros 2016:
Did you know that Gareth Bale has won scored 7 of Wales’ 11 goals in the Qualifiers? Or that Wales have conceded just 4 goals in 10 matches? Here are 5 things you should know about Wales Before Euros 2016
5 Things You Should Know About England Before Euro 2016
Here's 5 Things You Should Know About Switzerland Before Euro 2016
?Did you know that Romania’s National Football Team were knocked out of Euro’s Quarter Finals? Or that they haven’t lost a match in the Euro 2016 Qualifiers? Here's 5 Things You Should Know About Romania's National Football Team Before Euros
Bengaluru won the I league 2016 by sitting 5 points clear with a match to go however, 3 teams fight the relegation battle as TFM explores the possible scenarios
April 23,2016
As the holiday season approaches, the kids get a chance to break free of their regular activities. What better way to focus on the sports than a football camp? Bharat FC offers a Unique Fun Filled Learning experience like no other!
April 17,2016
As per the latest FIFA rankings, England Women’s Team have reached an all time high by managing to reach the 4th spot for the first time in their history. Coach Mark Sampson’s side suffered defeat by the hands of Japan in the 2015 edition of the World Cup managed to get past them as Japan dropped
March 28,2016
A 17 year old girl from Karachi did what not many could have imagine. ?Joyann Thomas has become the first Female Christian Footballer to play for the Pakistan Women's National Football Team. The selection committee was biased against including Christians in the national team but hard work, determination
March 26,2016
Johan Cruyff has revolutionized football more than we give him credit for. The greatest exponent of Total Football, the architect of Barcelona’s success, one of the best footballers of all times passed away on 24th March, 2015. His contributions to not just the sides that he has managed but football
March 25,2016
Kingsley Coman recently scored against his former side Juventus in their Champions League match against Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. Did you know that the French International has played for PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich at the tender age of 19! Let’s find out more about the Winger who was rightfully
March 23,2016
and The Asian Women's Footballer of the Year winner Aditi Chauhan will be playing in the Maldives Cup 2016 Futsal Tournament which begins on the 23rd of March 2016. The Goalkeeper who was in search of regular football after returning to India earlier this year, was given the opportunity by AIFF.
March 22,2016
Lionel Messi - Best Player of our generation, top footballer, record breaker - a few of the tags used to define the phenomenal player. One Issue? Well he has played his eniter senior career with La Liga Giants FC Barcelona. We all know that his love for the catalan side would not let him leave them,
March 16,2016
Rio Olympics is 5 months away from kick off and the Women's national teams are all geared up to qualify from their respective continental qualifiers rounds. USA, France and Germany have qualified among other teams. In the last round from European qualifiers we take a look at Netherlands and Sweden's
March 15,2016
Fall From Grace Friday: Roberto Di Matteo
March 04,2016
4 European sides face each other to fight for the last ticket to Brazil. The Mini-Tournament which is organized in Netherlands will see each team play the others in 3 fixtures between the 3rd and 9th of march.
March 02,2016
FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk won the 36th edition of the Sait Nagjee tournament. Let dig deeper and look at Dnipro’s progress throughout the tournament.
February 29,2016
Did you know that Argentina U – 23 squad has won 2 gold medals and Silver Medals? Or that they outclassed their opponents with a margin of 9 goals in just their first match? Intrigued? Let’s dig deeper. Did you know...
February 04,2016
Did you know that Volyn Lutsk Won the Ukrainian First League? Or that they are over 50 years old? Or that their stadium is special? Intrigued? Let's dig deeper. Did you know that...
February 03,2016
Did you know Bucharest has multiple top clubs? Did you know that Rapid Bucharesti have finished 2nd in the league over a dozen times? Or that they have won the Romanian Cup over 10 times? Intrigued? Let’s dig deeper. Did you know…
February 02,2016
Did you Atletico Paranaense is almost a century old? Or that they partnered with AIFF? Or that the Indian International Romeo Fernandes donned the Red and Black colours? Intrigued? Lets dig deeper. Did you know…
February 01,2016
Did you know Shamrock Rovers are the most successful side in Ireland? Or that they were without a home for more than 2 Decades? Or that they provide Ireland with more players than any other club? Intrigued? Let’s dig deeper. Did you know…
January 31,2016
Did you know Dnipro was one of the first professional football clubs in Ukraine? Or that they are almost a century old? Or that they reached the finals of Europa League in 2015? Intrigued? Let’s dig deeper. Did you know…
January 29,2016
Did you know that Watford Beat Chelsea and Tottenham 5 – 1? Or that they are one of the oldest football clubs in the world? Or that Sir Elton John was their Chairman? Intrigued? Let’s find out more about Watford! Did you know that…
January 28,2016
Did you know Barcelona 5 – 1 drubbing from Levante in their Maiden season in La liga? Or that the Spanish outfit is over a hundred years old? Or that Dutch Legend Cryuff was a part of the Levante setup? Intrigued? Let’s find out more. Did you that…
January 27,2016
Did you know Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery, Thomas Muller visited India? Shocked? Wait– For–It… Did you know Bayern Munich played our national side as well? Yes! It’s true! This charity match took place in the first month of the year 2012, the revenue generated from that
January 21,2016
Did you know that the first recorded women’s football match took place 124 years ago? Did you know that England’s FA had banned Women in football for 50 years? Ever Heard of Nettie Honeyball or Bill Julian? Do you know the history of Clubs like British Ladies Football Club or the Dick, Kerr's Ladies
January 20,2016
There has definitely been an air around the ongoing Indian Super League (ISL) and at the same time a lot of doubts about whether it is sustainable and actually helping Indian Football. There are many aspects to this – one can say the general feeling about football in the country is going up and with
January 18,2016
?PSV Eindhoven, former Erdivisie Champions visited india in the 1990’s. The Tata Steel Super Soccer cup series which ensure that foreign teams play Indian teams in our own country also featured Sao Paolo (now Liga do Brasil), Bochum XI (now Bundesliga). Read more to find out about their match with
January 14,2016
The former EPL champions Blackburn Rovers visited India in the last quarter of 2011. Read more to find out about what happened
January 07,2016
“Fans are the most important part of a club”, “fans are the 12th man “, “we did it for the fans” We often hear these things from the players, managers and other representatives of the clubs. What do they mean? – It means that the club values the fans more than anything. Read more to find
December 02,2015
Kerala - "god's own country". That's Kerala's image that comes to our minds right? It is true and what most Indians think of it, but, that is not their only identity. Kerala has provided India with a plethora of footballing talent. If we look at Indian football history, we see that the state has produced
November 25,2015
Did you know India is the home to one of the Oldest Tournaments? The Durand Cup is the third oldest football tournament, was first held in India. Not only that, India is also the home of the fourth oldest football Tournament in India, The IFA shield. Did you know that the Turning point of Indian Football
November 20,2015
Crowd funding has taken the front seat in recent times where businesses, artists, developers and other entities seek donations/funds to fuel their ideas and other propositions from investors and/or their supporters. Crowd Funding has so far raised $5.1 billion worldwide. Internet has crawled into our
November 10,2015
FC Barcelona recently witnessed its most successful period where in they won 14 trophies in a span of 4 years. Most of the squad members were a product of it's youth academy La Masia. India's youth teams have drastically improved over the last few years, Has India finally found it's own La Masia? Read
November 06,2015
Organising a football tournament is difficult and managing multiple teams has its own set of problems. Organizers need to keep themselves ready for issues relating to the tournament. There are issues which are generally present in most of the tournaments but are often taken for granted. Managing multiple
October 10,2015
Football has earned the title of being the most popular sport in the world because of its fans. Communication has played a major role in this. In the current age, with solid communication and networking tools, it has received a major boost making communication easier. We take a close look into communication
September 28,2015
Communication is key to progress. A club needs to use multiple ways of communication so as to ensure that it's effective. Here are a few ways by which one can do so.
September 27,2015
Kolkata Football club is one club, formed by football fans, which aims to play for the I-league one day. Formed in June this year, the club aims to gain a professional status soon and plans to play in the top tier by the year 2023.
September 25,2015
The main objective of a blog is to convey the point made by the writer in the easiest possible way to understand. Bloggers are a plenty and even the good blogs are in the range of thousands now. What really differentiates the best blogs and successful sites is the complete package – the quality of
September 16,2015
organizing a football tournament in India is a difficult task. Here are few important points to remember which will make sure that the tournament goes well.
September 15,2015
We at the football mind support the beautiful game. Apart from Men’s football, the football mind equally looks to promote women’s football in the best way possible. Hence, our this week’s women’s football personality is India’s women football National team Goal keeper coach Mrs Chitra Gangadharan.
September 07,2015
A look at the Serie A teams tells us that Juventus is still strong after the loss of quite a few quality players. However, Roma and Lazio look to mount a challenge for the battle. An analysis of each team tells us their potential for this season.
August 31,2015
In midst of all the transfer hullabaloo there is one thing that no media house or website have talked about and that is what Paul Pogba brings tactically to the already brilliant Chelsea team if this transfer materializes.
August 28,2015
In a time when football is seeing an exponential growth in its fan base in India, it’s a perfect time for hosting football tournaments. With an increased internet activity across the country, every aspiring player feels that much closer to a Ronaldo or a Messi and wants to try his hand (or should I
August 27,2015
With Indian football growing leaps and bounds, there is one area where we would want more development, the ladies football league. Ranked 55th in the world and 11th in Asia, the Indian Women's National team is one to nurture it for the better. We look at top 5 Indian players who've done well to be either
August 25,2015
Here is a roundup of the top 10 transfers till now in this transfer window and the probable transfers we would see before the window closes.
August 25,2015
We take a look at what your team has to go through to nail down that long awaited last piece of the jigsaw before the window closes and whether they have already made their marquee signing or they’re holding off until the 11th hour on deadline day.
August 25,2015
In an exclusive chat with the Football Mind, Tanvie Hans talks about her career, the experience of playing abroad and her future career plans.
August 24,2015
Durand Cup is the one of the most celebrated tournaments in our country. It is the oldest Football Tournament in Asia and was First held in Shimla in the year 1888. The tournament was named after the then Foreign Secretary Sir Mortimer Durand. It is the third oldest football tournament in the world.
August 24,2015
You must be familiar with such headlines in the newspapers, magazines, webzines or even in news programmes. So who decides that they should be written in such a way? This is a subgenre of Journalism known as ‘Sports Journalism’.
August 21,2015
The premier league has started and the other leagues are to follow soon, the month of August brings a lot of joy to football fans across the globe. Now that the season has started, here are a few fun things you can do to make the mundane (sometimes, it happens! YES… to everyone!) match viewing a little
August 17,2015
Unlike most of the other Argentinean players that rose to stardom, Aimar did not come from a very poor family. He received a good education from his parents and he was very close to getting into med school, but at the same time he continued training for soccer with a remarkable passion.
August 13,2015
TFM introduces Monday Blues!
August 10,2015
Top Ten Career destroying transfer fails
June 29,2015
Top ten things that you didn't know about Andrea Pirlo
June 11,2015
Granada CF survived the relegation battle this season as they avoided going to the Segunda division this season. A good head-to-head record is what saved them from relegation. Deportivo La Coruna, Granada, Eibar were all tied at 35 points in the league but Deportivo earned 7 points in head to head matches
Sports Tourism is defined as a specific journey outside of the usual environment for either a passive or active involvement in a competitive sport where that sport is the prime reason of travel and the leisure experience comes naturally with the journey itself as it is a new place for the journeyman.
Behind a glamorous mask, there is always the fear of death and decay. Every generation is born to witness greatness and legends in the making and on the wane during their time, and every generation knows that there are a chosen few among them who can really make it in the world, leading a luxurious life,
March 25,2015
Football is considered to be one of the sports which are truly global as FIFA has official 292 member nations registered with it. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched events in the world. Thus it is no secret that the game is more than a mere entertainment sport.
March 02,2015
India was an erstwhile powerhouse long before the years when we were reduced to mere minnows at both club and international level. Internationally Indian team was a decent side which had a very good presence at the continental level.
March 02,2015
Today we share a piece of artistry by this Italian who scored a stunner against Real Madrid in a Champions League game in 1989.
February 07,2015
Attack is the best form of defense and this holds true in every sense if it is Barclays Premier League. Chelsea and Manchester City both the teams have been playing an entertaining brand of football this season.
February 07,2015
From a scape goat to one of the favorite son's of Old Trafford. Darren Barr Fletcher a name which served the club for almost eleven years and in those years earning himself and the club a whole bunch of medals.
February 06,2015
We've always talked about how positive football can be, let us now uncover the darker side of football. Here are Ten things that need to go from the Serie A
January 19,2015
You thought he was done, didn't you? But Torres answered all his critics as he scored a brace against arch rivals Real Madrid.
January 17,2015
Born in Switzerland to Italian parents from Paglieta, Chieti, Abruzzo, Di Matteo, 44 began his career with Swiss club Schaffhausen, before joining Aarau in 1991. He won the Swiss league with the club before he moved to Italian club Lazio in his motherland. A midfielder who could play as a anchor man
January 10,2015
Tulloh (1995) and Anderson (1995) identified the following tips to help an athlete avoid injury:
January 05,2015
Right from Pele to Beckham, Henry to Lampard. Why does the MLS attract all the veterans? Lets have a look at ten things you did not know about the MLS
January 05,2015
Football being a contact sport, there are high chances of one getting injured. The intensity, the pressure and the speed at which a game is played leads to injuries.
January 03,2015
Ten Best training Facilities in the World
January 02,2015
What to Eat: Below are some essential nutrients which players need, as detailed by : Simple carbohydrates: found in sweets, cakes, soft drinks, jam Complex carbohydrates: found in rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals, fruit Saturated fats: found in butter, margarine, cheese, pasties Unsaturated
January 02,2015
2014 may have come to a glorious end but lest not worry as 2015 is going to be even more exciting as some of the status quo will be disturbed. We look at the five things which could define the first half of 2015.
December 31,2014
Today we at The Football Mind do an in depth analysis of the 4-3-3 offensive formation. 4-3-3 is formation which is was to employ a attacking style of play. The formation is best used when a team plays a positive brand of football but doesn't lack men when it losses the ball to opposition.
December 30,2014
The guy who is often called as the Lord Bendtner in the troll world, we look at how it all went wrong for Nicklas.
December 28,2014
This is one of the most iconic World Cup as it was trailblazer in many senses. It was first World Cup in North America and this was also Brazil’s first triumph since 1970.
December 26,2014
The Atletico manager was also a very versatile midfielder in his heydays. The Argentine had a trophy laden career where he won trophies with Lazio, Atletico, Inter and his country Argentina as well.
December 25,2014
Drug abuse can be career destroying. Here is a list of ?Ten Players convicted for using drugs
December 25,2014
Every sport has a controversy. We are taking a look at five of the biggest controversies in the world of football.
December 25,2014
Football Associations play an integral part in the administration of football in their area of sovereignty. They are the guardians of the sport if we can put it in the simple words.
December 25,2014
Classic Showdown of freekicks. Gerrard vs Lampard
December 25,2014
With technology having entered replacing everything, there is one thing it can't replace it is Scouts! Scouts are football experts who regularly attend games and try spotting talents with their naked eye.
December 24,2014
December 24,2014
The Football Mind today looks at the top 10 moments of world football 2014 - be it Good, Bad or Ugly!
December 24,2014
From Alan Pardew's head butt to Brendan Rodger's "defending is easy" we look at some of this year's Premier League fails.
December 24,2014
Has the ISL really hit the right chord with audiences across India? Yes. Has it really achieved the miracle that its makers promised to achieve? Yes. Has it done something for Indian football? Yes. Has it done something for Indian women’s football? Er. Somewhat.
December 23,2014
From winter is coming to winter is here, and today we are here to analyze and talk about Serie A and their teams.
December 23,2014
Younger generation of fans know him as the most trolled footballer ever but seldom they fail to recognize the real Emile Heskey. The Englishman was one of the top drawer in his heydays and was a constant fixture for Three Lions for almost a decade.
December 23,2014
Liverpool played out an exciting draw against Arsenal at Anfield which saw them surge into the top of the table but this season has been absolute shambles for Brendan Rodgers side, who finished runners up to Manchester City last season.
December 23,2014
He is the most underrated Argentine player of his generation. Juan Roman Riquelme was a magician with the ball in center of the park. The Argentinos Juniors man was known for his creative passing and sublime technical abilities.
December 21,2014
It is no secret that football is the fastest growing sport in India but along with football there is one more sport that is catching the frenzy of urban youth. Football’s miniature version popularly known as Futsal.
December 21,2014
One of the best defensive midfielders of his generation, Esteban Cambiasso has spent most of his career playing for a top club noticeably with Inter Milan. During his professional career, Cambiasso has won 23 official titles, being the Argentine footballer with most honors in history, one more than Alferdo
December 21,2014
After three months of nerve wrenching journey, the inaugural season of the Indian Super League is just a game away from its conclusion. The best of the best have been selected over two legs of an exciting semi final which saw all the four teams giving their all to get into this mega finale.
December 20,2014
He is one of the best play breakers or in more simple terms, a defensive midfielder to ever grace the game. The Italian was a no nonsense midfielder who was known for his hard tackling and burst of energy late in the game.
December 19,2014
He is arguably Portugal’s greatest son, although he faces some really stiff competition from legendary Eusebio and Cristiano Ronaldo. But still no one can deny the greatness of Figo.
December 19,2014
He is a footballer who needs no introduction. David Beckham is a footballer who is a brand in himself and a legend in his own right. He made the banana freekicks a rage. Such was his freekck’s craze that media coined a term in his honor, ‘Bend it like Beckham’.
December 19,2014
Borussia Dortmund and Jurgen Klopp have achieved a lot of things in this past two season, that many top clubs would just dream off.
December 19,2014
Thierry Henry is truly a legend of world football. He has won each and every accolade as a player. The Arsenal superstar has indeed been one of the best forwards of his generation and certainly the best Premier League has ever seen.
December 18,2014
Liverpool have again sunk back to lows after a season of hope which they had less than 365 days ago. A Luis Suarez led Liverpool was challenging for the title and came agonizingly close to win their maiden Premier League crown as well.
December 18,2014
In the last part we saw eight teams, and predicted their chance of qualifying to the next phase. Today we do the same for the next eight.
December 16,2014
Just after the Champions league draws, we take a look at the 8 teams who have qualified for the next round of fixtures.
December 15,2014
After a blistering last season, Liverpool Football Club believed that they have come out they misery years as they finished second on the table and missed winning the trophy by a minute margin.
December 14,2014
He is one of the most successful Asian footballer of all time. He was a superstar when Japanese football was going through the transition. Shinshuke Nakamura is a attacking midfielder who has played for various clubs in Europe. Celtic, RCD Espanyol and Reggina being the prominent ones.
December 13,2014
Ever wondered what a football scout looks for? Here is a short video with ex-Chelsea and QPR scout Sean Faulkner who talks about his job and what he looked for in players.
December 12,2014
He is arguably one of the most versatile players of all time. He was a forward who can play in midfield as well as in a defensive role. Dutch legend Ruud Gullit is one of the best Dutch players of all time.
December 11,2014
I think we would all agree that India has plenty of talent. Considering the size of our population (a whoppin’ 1.2 billion official heads, and counting!), is there no talent among the rabblement? If the authorities of football insist on harvesting the unchallenged prodigies of India, when will they
December 09,2014
These are two teams from two different set of ideology. Never a direct rivals these two are rivals from specific periods – moments in time defined by titanic tussles between teams.
December 09,2014
Whenever we talk about football apparels brands one name always stands out. Old and Gold, Umbro. It is one of the oldest apparel brand in the world of football.
December 08,2014
Just 22, and already one of the best keepers in the world, Thibaut Courtios is one who has already proven his worth and will do in the future as well. Today we look, at 10 possible facts which you might not know about him!
December 08,2014
Ibrox is one of the most iconic stadiums in Europe. It is home to, now maligned, Scottish biggies Rangers F.C. Ibrox has had many moments of joy and quite a few moments of sorrow. It faced a calamity in 1902, when a stand collapsed and claimed lives of 25 supporters who came in to watch England vs Scotland
December 06,2014
Falcao The other Futsal king of the World
December 06,2014
Today we bring to you a list of Top 10 Football Stadia of the World, with iconic infrastructures, Capacity of spectators and beauty.
December 06,2014
Futsal King Sean Garnier
December 06,2014
He is the most decorated Dutch footballer ever! He has won every imaginable trophy in club competitions. Clearance Seedorf needs no introduction. The AC Milan great was one of the best midfielders of his time. He is the only player to win Champions League with three different clubs.
December 05,2014
Roy Makaay was a center forward who literally scored when he wanted! The Dutch striker was one of the most prolific center forwards of his time.
December 05,2014
The Benfica and Milan great was an attacking midfielder who had a glittering career. Rui Costa was always a true Benfiquista as he chose to end his career at SLB.
December 05,2014
He is revered in Milan and is worshipped in Kiev. The baby faced assassin, a defender’s nightmare. If this is still not enough to guess who he is, well let me do the honors. We present you, Andrey Shevchenko.
December 04,2014
Sports wear giants who where once the leading choice of footballers, have stopped making new boots these days. Reebok still hold the rights to Bolton stadium which is named the Reebok stadium is one of their largest investment left in the field of football.
December 04,2014
England and Brazil both were in fine form in the tournament. The game had its moment of madness both by players and the referee. This is a match which is one of the best knockout matches.
December 03,2014
The spirit of Istanbul still resonates at Anfield each and every time Liverpool step on the field. The days when European nights were a norm and not a feature are still etched in everyone’s memory.
December 02,2014
Stefano Fiore is one of the unsung heroes of Italian national team in the millennium era where he was a key cog in the Azzurri side which reached the finals of Euro 2000.
December 02,2014
He is one of the best managers in the world and without a shadow of a doubt he is the best tactician in the world. Today we’ll look at his early years where he used to play with a more adventurous midfield diamond.
December 01,2014
The remembering is a new segment which focuses on classic matches that took place in the world of football. It has been more than a decade but the names on the squad sheet were impressive with the likes of Zidane, Raul, Morientes, Guti, Seedorf, Rui Costa, Pirlo, Shevchenko, Gattuso, Dida, etc. sure
December 01,2014
As a tribute in the memory of the cricketer Phil Hughes, We at TFM pay tribute to some of the warriors that we lost while they were active on the field
November 30,2014
Ask any Barcelona fan who was their key player in mid 2000’s and pat will be the reply, Ludovic Guily. The diminutive Frenchman has been one of those players who smoothly fall under the radar and keep working silently for their team.
November 29,2014
November 28,2014
Emanuel Petit, 44 is one of the most prominent figures in the world of French football. Petit who has played for Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea has had a fairly successful career. He retired due to lots of small injuries and his inability to shrug them off.
November 27,2014
Two of the best Indian Goalkeepers in the ISL. Rehenesh and ex-Pune FC stopper Subrata Paul
November 26,2014
The most prestigious competition in the world of club football, Champions League is a trophy every club and their fans want to win. The magnitude of the games are 10 times higher if compared to a normal league game. The fans are riled up, with the stadium erupting in noise.
November 25,2014
Today at the eve of the 40th Indian Super League match day, we here at 'The Football Mind' look at the table and try analyzing the prospective winners of the first ISL.
November 24,2014
Alessandro Del Piero. The Gentleman, The Playmaker. 10 things about Alessandro Del Piero
November 24,2014
There have been many controversial instances in FIFA’s WC history. Sometimes on-field and sometimes off it. Be it the ‘Ghost Goal’ of England 66 or the famous ‘Hand of God’ from Diego Maradona. World cups never have any dull moments. One such World Cup was France 1998. IT is by far the most
November 23,2014
It is one of the interesting tales of Indian football. One is a legend in Indian football while the other one is one of the brightest prospects of Indian football. Dudu Omagbemi and Jeje Lalpekhlua are two of the best forwards in India at the moment.
November 22,2014
Football in France is very huge, both in terms of following and passion. The only stumbling block in rise of domestic leagues in French football has always been money.
November 22,2014
From one of the most desirable destinations to one of the least, the fall in grace of Serie A. Boasting of star like Platini, Maradona, Ronaldo, Seedorf, Zidane, Henry, Nesta, Maldini, Kaka, Ruud Gullit and various others. Serie A which sat upon the upper echelons of the footballing world and the
November 18,2014
New manager, new players, but the same result. Manchester United sit languishing seventh on the table. United are having a ghastly season, one shaping up to be their worst since the 1980s.
November 18,2014
For almost two decades, the only name that was synonymous with football in India was Baichung Bhutia. Even today, people still relate football with the icon of Indian football.
November 14,2014
Football has been a peripheral sport in India since early 70’s when cricket slowly caught up with the masses. From the days of P K Bannerjee to IM Vijayan to Baichung Bhutia and now Sunil Chettri, Indian football has failed to produce such stars on a consistent basis.
November 13,2014
You will thank us for this video! Most hilarious indeed! This video also include comic takes on Diego Maradona and Neymar.
November 13,2014
Ten Players The Indian Super League Teams Should Approach Come Next Season since Indian football needs more stars so we can literally get the ball rolling.
November 12,2014
Chennaiyin FC's marquee signing and the leading scorer of the inaugural Indian Super League - we take a look at Elano Blumer's ten greatest facts.
November 11,2014
From Banana kicks to Screamers to Bullets to volleys. This is a list of the best long yarders in football.
November 11,2014
ISL Players in focus Katsouranis and Koke
November 10,2014
Today we here at TFM look at the top ten bicycle kick goals scored as part of our new segment 'Flashback Friday'.
November 07,2014
There has been a lot of talk in the media regarding Borussia Dortmund’s disastrous domestic campaign which sees them languishing in 17th place.
November 04,2014
We have already completed the first leg of the Premier league season. So we here at TFM look at the top 10 goal scored in all the games played across game week ten.
November 03,2014
10 Things you didn’t know about Champions League.
October 23,2014
There has been complete overhaul in the Barcelona defense if we compare them to their shambolic performances last season under Tata Martino. From being a leaky and sloppy defense they have been morphed into a water tight and rock solid defense by Luis Enrique in just less than three months.
October 21,2014
West Brom are not Premier League giants like Manchester United, but the clash between these two teams has seen an average of more than 4 goals per game since 2013. Sir Alex Ferguson's last game incharge of the Red Devils was against West Brom and was a 10 goal thriller!
October 20,2014
Probably one of the most watched football matches each year - the El Classico - the eternal rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid. As we build up to this weekend's clash with Ronaldo and Messi in form and the return of Suarez, lets have a look at the dirty side of the match - the fights, fouls, red
October 20,2014
Since everyone is comparing just Ronaldo and Messi we here at The Football Mind make and exception compare the two of the new growing stars of the current football scenario.
October 16,2014
If there are any mentions about the best centreforwards who ever graced the game, the name of a Frenchman just has to be in that list, known as Éric Daniel Pierre Cantona or simply as Eric Cantona.
October 16,2014
Matts Hummels who had been linked with a host of clubs this summer looks set to stay at Dortmund for a long time, as the defender just recently signed a new contract and has been named the clubs newest captain.
October 16,2014
The international break is almost done and the Premier league is just 3 days away. We look at the things you could do once your teams are back playing.
October 15,2014
An old saying says ‘Like father like son’. Well this has been true in football over the generations. We are giving you the best of the lot over the years.
October 15,2014
There are always those pacey players who can play any position from attacking midfield to wings to centre forward. These players mesmerize us with their strength, speed and dribbling skills. Here is a list of Ten of the Fastest Footballers to ever play on the field.
October 12,2014
We now present you a Long haired XI.
October 08,2014
We all know how it feels to not to have a league game at the weekend when you have survived 5 days of office or school or business. And all you need is to see your favorite team playing on Stadiums/TV. With international fixtures taking over the league fixtures for two weeks, we help you all beat the
October 08,2014
Today we here at The Football Mind take a look at Real Madrid and Barcelona attacking quartet and decide which side has the better attack!
October 07,2014
There have always been weird fantasy football XI’s which have caught everyone’s eyes. So we a tTFM thought of choosing a ‘Bald XI’. A team comprising of completely bald players.
October 07,2014
This is our second piece in the two-piece series about the evolution of football’s biggest and most popular boots ever. In the earlier piece we trailed Mercurial’s journey, now we’ll follow the evolution of Adidas Predator boots.
October 06,2014
When Fabregas chose Chelsea over Arsenal this window, it sent ripples across the football world. The former Arsenal captain who spent eight season before moving back to his boyhood club Barcelona, made a shock move this summer when Chelsea was able to acquire the services of the Spanish midfielder.
October 06,2014
Nike and Adidas are two giants of sportswear industry, who have been slugging it out for barging rights ever since. Making it possible are their trade mark specialist boots designed for comfort and high level intensity of football. The Football Mind looks into the first of the major giants today: Nike's
October 06,2014
Throwback Thursday Roberto Baggio
October 02,2014
A football game without yellow and red cards is now unimaginable. But how many of you know that the card system wasn't in existence till the 1968 Olympics!
September 28,2014
A Winger is one of the most important roles in a football team. Although not every team uses a formation that has wingers, this position later give birth to many of the world's best players such as Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, Jesus Navas and many more.
September 25,2014
If we have a look at the list of one of the best midfielders ever to grace the game, one name surely has to be in my top 10 list; Michael Ballack. Little Kaiser, as he was fondly known in Germany, is a perfect modern day midfielder.
September 23,2014
Check out this super skilled Football Babe!!
September 21,2014
Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Frank Ribbery, Neymar and more of our top footballers in practice or the locker room performing free style tricks!!
September 21,2014
The Beautiful game can often turn horrid for some prolific players who've had to either end their careers or move off to a lower league team where the game isn't that demanding.
September 19,2014
The striker has accused Arsenal and coach Arsene Wenger for wasting his final year at the club as the Gunners failed to secure a striker, with Wenger forcing Bendtner to stay a year more. Bendtner finally left the London side as a free agent and joined the German club Wolfsburg this summer.
September 19,2014
It is really hard to believe that it has been 12 years to this amazing match where both sides were equal in terms of Legendary players and history.
September 18,2014
Cristiano Ronaldo off to Chelsea? Or off to Manchester?? Or will he stay at Madrid? The January transfer window will decide the scintillating playmaker's fate. The pacey winger who is apparently the world's most wanted player with three clubs battling it out.
September 14,2014
The face of Indian football is set to change with the onset of the Indian Super League. Not only will India have a Full-fledged first tier league but also host International Veterans like Del Piero, Trezeguet and more! Read the list of the Top ten Foreigners that will play in India his season.
September 12,2014
We have a few facts about the Madrid playmaker that you definitely did not know.
September 12,2014
The Summer transfer window came to a close barely 10 days ago. But there are some Premier League stars who missed out or failed to make their moves on the deadline day.
September 11,2014
Franz Beckenbauer is the only man to have won the World Cup both as a player and as a manager. His roll of honour is unique. Captain of West Germany when they won the World Cup and the European Championship, he also led his club, Bayern Munich, to three successive European Cups and also to the European
September 11,2014
A list of the Top Ten Record breaking transfers after 95' which includes both the Ronaldo's, Alan Shearer and other greats.
September 11,2014
CR7 was seen taking his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. on his first day to School. He has always given priority to his family and said "My family comes first".
September 10,2014
Probably one of the best buys by the Blues in the past few seasons, Eden Hazard has already shown his class. With 31 goals and 34 assists for his Club, he is already one of their main men up front.
September 10,2014
The Bpl is one of the most celebrated and most watched football leagues in the world; it should be too. Great teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc and boasts of a great number of legends that have played in the league.
September 10,2014
We always look at incidents involving footballers, managers, club officials and judge the mentality of a club. These individuals have to be very careful in public, as they represent the club. What we should realize though as fans is that we have the exact same responsibility in public.
September 10,2014
Diego Costa and Radamel Falcao were both very successful with their Spanish club Athletico Madrid, it will be interesting to watch the two ex-Athletico Madrid strikers go against each other!
September 05,2014
One of the best strikers in the 90’s and early 2000’s Gabriel Batistuta has admitted to TyC sports that he nearly made the ultimate decision to amputate his legs, in order to avoid crippling pain he felt in his ankles after playing sixteen years of top level football.
September 05,2014
This is Throwback Thursday and the legend for today is Zico. The man who gave the No. 10 a definition and paved the way the next few decades of Brazilian football.
September 04,2014
Jorge Mendes - Agent of the year. Every time in the transfer windows there is one name that is part of every major deals in the world of football. Jorge Mendes.
September 04,2014
Ten things that you will want to know about the new United defender at Old Trafford.
September 03,2014
After a shock move from United to Arsenal, we have some trivia for the new Arsenal fans that will see and adore Welbeck.
September 03,2014
10 Things About Radamel Falcao You Didn't Know! Here's some trivia about the new MANU ace:
September 02,2014
A famous few quotes of the Liverpool legend William 'Bill' Shankly.
September 02,2014
This season the battle between the two dominant forces in Spain will be at another level!! Who will come out on top?
August 29,2014
Ronaldo is considered as one of the greatest strikers that have ever lived. He revolutionized the No. 9 jersey. He has won two world cups with Brazil. here's a video that would prove that Ronaldo is one of the greatest strikers to have played the beautiful game
August 28,2014
Wishing a very happy birthday to the Chelsea wingback, Cesar Azpilicueta. ?Five Things That You Didn't Know About Cesar Azpilicueta
August 28,2014
Andrew Henderson - World Freestyle Champion and 4 time UK freestyle champion!! Watch his tricks!!
August 27,2014
Angel seems to be getting to wear the Red Manchester Jersey after all. We have a list of the ten things you’d surely want to know about Angel Di Maria if you are a die-hard Manchester United fan
August 27,2014
Ten facts about Yaya Toure you need to know
August 25,2014
Football is a beautiful game, there have been many great players and managers that have been a part of this culture that we call ‘the beautiful game’. Here are a few evergreen quotes from some of those amazing starlets in the world of football.
August 25,2014
Most football formations rely on an out and out striker for being the pivot of the team’s offense. These formations usually employ wingers to stretch out the defense and creative midfielders to feed the forwards. However, a very interesting tactic used sometimes with the 4-3-3 is the False 9.
August 25,2014
These Super Skilled Twins are amazing! Check out their skills.
August 22,2014
After his return to the Premier League with Chelsea, Fabregas has shown a strong performance for his new club and expressed his determination to give his best. Here are a few things about him that you did not know.
August 21,2014
A bunch of girls were shown 2 Cristiano Ronaldo's pictures.
August 20,2014
Costa finished just behind Messi and Ronaldo in the goal scoring charts last season
August 18,2014
Robben claims that his most costliest miss in the 2010 World Cup final against Spain still haunts him.
August 15,2014
Often the dispute is brought up as to whether the League format or the Cup format is better in football. The Premier League, La Liga and the other big leagues are played in the League format while the Copa Del Rey, FA Cup and similar competitions are played in the Cup format. What are the advantages
August 14,2014
Mesut Ozil is one of the special players on the World footballing circuit. His passes and vision that lead to beautiful goals are outstanding. He’s one of those players whom you can’t hate even if you are a rival fan. Here are 10 things about him.
August 13,2014
Football has evolved over the last century into the game we watch today. In 1912 when the first World Championships were played, the form of the game was different.
August 12,2014
When we see the name Mario Balotelli, we know that whatever follows would not be the usual regular stuff and it is just the same this time too.
August 12,2014
Qatar is going to be the smallest country ever to host a FIFA World Cup.
August 12,2014
The top freekicks of the 2013/14 season of the Premier League. Features Frank Lampard, Yaya TOure, Wayne Rooney and Santi Carzola.
August 11,2014
This Compilation for Juergen Klopp is Hilarious!!
August 11,2014
Preview of the Community Shield fixture between Arsenal and Manchester City to be held at Wembley on 10th August 2014.
August 10,2014
Cristiano Ronaldo revealing the secret to his perfect facial structure.
August 09,2014
With the player transfer fees growing to epic proportions and the UEFA Financial Fair Play kicking in, one solution to maintaining the quality of a squad with minimum expenses is youth academies.
August 09,2014
Having recently been declared the Second fittest athlete in the World, Ronaldo is raising the bar at Real Madrid for his teammates ?during the training!
August 09,2014
Sports Illustrated has revealed their top 10 fittest Athletes in the World. They were determined on the basis of criteria like speed, strength, endurance and agility. All athletes were assessed on a maximum 40 points.
August 08,2014
Watch this player go from Bendtner to Ronaldinho in 3 seconds!!
August 07,2014
The new FIFA 15 promo is out. Take a look!
August 07,2014
From an ethical point of view that people like to debate the most. After serving a club for long is it really fair to move to a rival?
August 07,2014
2014 - The Year of La Decima - The Greatest Club in the History of Football won their 10th Champions League Trophy, the only Club ever to have done that.
August 07,2014
Diego Maradona is amongst the best players, if not the best football has ever seen. Apart from his skills onfield, he is also famous for his antics off field. Here a 5 facts about the Argentinian player and former coach.
August 07,2014
Quick footed, fast paced, skilled and creative - the list of his qualities goes on. The Chelsea No.10 is young and has shown the drive and ability to lift the performance of the entire team.
August 06,2014
Football is all about the 90 minutes of the game for most of us. We often overlook the fact that to have a successful match, the condition of the pitch must be good. The job of a groundsman, is not an easy one.
August 06,2014
Considered as one of the most attacking formations in modern football, the 4-3-3 formation allows for a quick passing and fast play.
August 06,2014
The Big Five leagues in Europe – English, German, Spanish, Italian and French – no doubt enjoy a lion’s share of prominence over the world when it comes to football. But going beyond this, the English League is no doubt the most popular league of all currently.
August 06,2014
When a top player joins a rival club, it is bound to rake up a controversy. Be it for money or playing time, irrespective of the reason, the players can be rest assured they would have to face the wrath of angry fans. Lets take a look at the top controversial transfers so far.
August 06,2014
Top last minute goals scored in recent football!
August 05,2014
This former Reds manager was also one of its best. He guided Liverpool to the highest heights and glory.
August 05,2014
The younger generations have only heard about Pele and his exploits in the media or on the internet. But not many exactly know why he is considered to be the greatest ever football player on earth. Here’s a brief of the living legend life history summed up in a matter of words.
August 05,2014
Which is the biggest League among the two?
August 05,2014
We all know that no Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or anyone for that matter can match upto the staggering Swedish footballer Zlatan.
August 04,2014
Sir Alex Ferguson revealed at one time that his main aim was to knock Liverpool off their perch
August 03,2014
As we take a look back at some of the glorious players of the past, one name is very striking - Zinedine Zidane. Although his last action on field for his country was a headbutt, this man has gone from strength to strength in his career.
August 03,2014
In an expert panel review on Manchester United's traumatic season in the Premier League, ex-United Captain was lost for words when asked "What are the Positives that United can take from the season?"
August 03,2014
Managers are everything in football; they create talents, nurture them and take them to greatest heights.
August 03,2014
For England and Manchester United Wayne Rooney is a gem, probably also their best player.
August 03,2014
Watch the top 10 goals in the La Liga in season 2013/14. Messi's Free Kicjk, Ronaldo's goal, Bale, Iniesta and more!
August 02,2014
The physical demands of modern football sometimes take its toll on the top players.
August 02,2014
?In Ivory Coast, the Civil war in 2006 saw the North held by Rebels and the South held by Government loyals. A game of football was used to unite the people together once again.
August 02,2014
The 2 most touted transfers of the previous season were Neymar Jr. to Barcelona and Gareth Bale to Real Madrid. With the latter becoming the most expensive transfer in the World at £ 85.3 Million and Neymar being brought in for a fee of around £ 46 Million, a lot of pressure was on these two youngsters
August 02,2014
Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona - similar goals compilation. This is unbelievable !!
August 02,2014
Ronaldinho is long past his prime, but he can still work magic on free kicks.
August 02,2014
Over the last few years at Chelsea, Torres has become infamous for missing sitters and open goals. However, even the greats like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Villa have been seen doing a "Torres".
August 01,2014
Sturridge has been educating his team mate in more than just football as the pair went through the Hip-Hop mastermind journey together.
August 01,2014
Bundesliga has established itself as one of the best leagues in the World with teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as regulars fighting for top honours in Europe. We here make a list of the top 5 players with the highest salaries.
August 01,2014
Step-overs, back-heels, flicks, fakes and more from Ronaldo, Messi, and other top players - a compilation
July 31,2014
Real Madrid known for its rich legacy and touted as many to be the most successful club ever in football, is also one of the richest clubs. The Santiago Bernabeu has seen the World's top players of all eras grace it and some of the most expensive players in the World have played here.
July 31,2014
That Jose Mourinho is the ‘Special One’ we all know. We also know that wherever he goes trophies follow. But here are quite a few things you don’t know about him.
July 31,2014
Messi, Netmar and Ronaldo showing that football is much more than just a game - it is a way of life !
July 30,2014
Klose is one of the greatest in World Cup football. He broke the record for most goals in World Cups and has been a prominent figure in Germany’s last four outings in the coveted tournaments, apart from his club careers.
July 30,2014
Some people dance, some people fight and some people have moves from out of this World!
July 29,2014
Sometimes a rough tackle is just not enough, sometimes footballers use their hands and sometimes even the referees are not spared!
July 29,2014
Ten Angry Men in the goal - from classic heroes like Peter Schmeichel and Oliver Kahn to little known but furious keepers.
July 29,2014
Facts about Luis Suarez that you did not know!
July 28,2014
Sometimes Women's football can be dirtier than Men's Football. With tripping, kicking the ball on the face and even hair pulling, this can get pretty rough!
July 28,2014
A compilation of the top 20 long range goals scored in the 2013/14 season in the top 5 leagues in Europe.
July 28,2014
Wayne Rooneys Halfline strike, Luis Suaez trickery, Arsenal's quick passing, Sturridge's cool lift over the keeper and many other goals astounded and thrilled us during the goal packed 2013/14 Premier League Season.
July 27,2014
We all know Gareth Bale as the World’s most expensive footballer after he signed for Real Madrid for a record-breaking fee. But there still are many facts that not many know about. Here are five of those
July 27,2014
Liga BBVA (BBVA League) is the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system
July 26,2014
CR7 is known for his deadly right footed free kicks from 20 yards or sometimes even 40 yards!
July 26,2014
Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben and a list of players are skilled with their feet and known to be deadly dribblers of the ball.
July 26,2014
This superstar is a bag full of surprises. He won the Golden ball playing for Porto when he was just 20-years old.
July 26,2014
The number of yellow and Red cards accumulated by a player in his career is a sign of how rough he plays and how "dirty" his football is.
July 25,2014
Neymar is the only Brazilian athlete to appear on the cover of TIME magazine.
July 25,2014
?Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward recently spoke to skysports’ James Cooper where he spoke about his role in Manchester United, new manager Louis van Gaal, objective of the Dutch manager and about an open cheque-book available for the manager.
July 24,2014
With billionaires making moves into Football over the last decade, unheard of transfer fees and salaries have now become daily news.
July 24,2014
Man Utd's first outing under Van Gaal has started with a bang !
July 24,2014
Iniesta had recently been knighted into the illustrious Wooden Spoon knighthood, which is an organisation that aims to preserve a particular strain of extra-virgin olive oil.
July 23,2014
Zlatan Ibrahimovic said a World Cup without him would not be worth watching
July 23,2014
Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo that you did not know!
July 23,2014
With the amount of Money being pumped into the sport, where are the revenues coming from?
July 22,2014
Liverpool legend and Captain Steven Gerrard, who is also the Captain for the England football team has announced his retirement from International Football.
July 22,2014
According to reports, Manchester United’s new manager Louis van Gaal is readying a gruesome training schedule that will leave his players gasping for air.
July 21,2014
Six Freestyle Footballers and Six Freerunners were put together on a "Unique" Football Pitch! See what happens!
July 21,2014
Even the greatest of players like Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan and the likes have their awkward and funny moments.
July 21,2014
Wouldn't it be exciting to play your favoriite sport under water ! Well looks like- its not all that easy.
July 19,2014
The World’s greatest footballer most would say, of all times. Such a big entity is rarely ever not analyzed from every aspect of his life. Messi though, a quiet individual, is rarely seen involved in controversies
July 18,2014
What a beautiful finish from Asamoah Gyan
June 22,2014
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Louis van Gaal: Manchester United sack manager
Keylor Navas has the best goals/match ratio of the last 20 seasons at Real Madrid
Will Hughes makes his first Derby start since the opening day of the season.
After 20 games, Zidane's 80% win percentage is higher than any of Real Madrid's previous managers.
After 20 games, Zidane's 80% win percentage is higher than any of Real Madrid's previous managers.
Chinese Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Australian Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Swedish Women's National Football Team have qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Juventus coach Allegri has ended Chelsea Rumors by stating he will be wil Juventus Next season
"I'm asking Roma to do the 'impossible' against Real" - Spalletti
Sweden Women's team defeated Switzerland's team 1 - 0 in the second match of the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
Norway Women's team defeated Netherlands Women's team 4 - 1 in the second match of the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
Arsenal's Petr Cech Out For up to 4 weeks
Netherlands Women's team defeated Switzerland's team 4 - 3 in the UEFA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
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